Arup 3d digitalDigital technology continues to disrupt and remake our world, and the property sector is beginning to experience the transformation. In this report we look at how digital technology and big data is changing the way leading property managers are making key decisions and improving the value of their portfolios. Digital design tools save time and money and ensure consistency with critical design standards. Intelligent building management means owners can anticipate the needs of tenants or employees before they become apparent, and provide real time information to end users.

And a combination of sensors and data analytics offer improvements to operational performance of buildings across every metric. The report highlights examples of every one of these opportunities, but makes clear that the property sector has not yet fully committed to operating digital property portfolios. Individual initiatives are often isolated, and as a result the full benefits are not realised. The message for developers and corporate real estate  executives is that every business will need its own digital strategy if it wants to achieve improved operational performance, a better end user experience and consequently higher long term valuations. Read More