mdpi oil visualWith the development of strategic oil and gas assets, massive spatiotemporal oil and gas data have been accumulated. Application systems that assist in the storage and management of the voluminous and complex oil and gas datasets are in high demand. The voluminous and various data should be leveraged and turned into information for business decision-making and operation assistance.

In this paper, we propose a set of visual analytic methods that specialize in oil and gas data; and, we develop a web-based oil and gas data management, visualization and analytical system, called Oil and Gas Visual Exploration System (OGVES). With OGVES, complex and multi-sourced oil and gas data can be stored, searched, filtered, and represented. As a web-based system, the OGVES provides more accessibility, convenience and efficiency than traditional desktop systems. Spatial scales and temporal primitives contained in oil and gas data are discussed. Different visualization methods are then presented to explore and represent spatiotemporal features of the oil and gas data. Various case studies demonstrate the usability of the system. Read More