3d cultural herAncient Chinese-style architecture has received increased attention during the last centuryas a segment of cultural heritage and is of great significance, specifically in regard to the process of digitizing and modeling these buildings to preserve and protect this heritage. Because the roof formreflects the age of the structure, the structural character and the historical culture of the ancient building, constructing a refined model for the roof is a primary aspect of the 3D modeling procedure.

To avoid cumbersome traditional modeling approaches that use geometry units, such as points, lines andtriangles, a flexible semantic method is proposed in this study to improve modeling efficiency andreduce the professional requirements. In this method, a two-level semantic decomposition of the roofis presented according to the characteristics of ancient Chinese-style architecture.  The structurallevel reveals the basic components that determine its structural shape, and the decorative levelrefers to the attached components that influence the exterior appearance.  Read More