VarCity modelsVarCity was a multi-year research project financed by the European Research Council and obtained by ETH Professor Luc Van Gool 5 years ago at the Computer Vision Lab, ETH Zurich. Dr. Hayko Riemenschneider was appointed to lead the group of researchers on a daily basis, see people for all names.  VarCity - The Video showcases some of the buildings blocks of creating an entire city from images. 3D city models have many applications, such as urban design, navigation, real-estate ads or movies & video games. Our project aims at producing such models from photographs both faster and with higher detail than before. As the effort often needs to be repeated to regularly update a city model, efficient production of compact models is an absolute necessity. We process images of real cities automatically and efficiently to create parameterized and semantic 3D models, in which streets, buildings and vegetation are discriminated, and the number of floors, positions and shapes of windows, doors and balconies are recognized and encoded.  Read More