autodesk 3d manuDesign and manufacturing processes are changing radically currently. Generative shaping tools open up completely new possibilities for designers, engineers and producers. Not least because robots using software for artificial intelligence able to understand and learn - and already successfully used. Industrial robots are "blind" usually; they can not perceive what is happening around them. For example, whether the machine runs out or the print object has been moved - the system continues to produce according to plan and prints at worst ineffective. In any case, the printed product is subsequently no longer be used.

A research project of Autodesk learns the robots now seeing. This is achieved through the use of scanners and a so-called closed-loop computer vision system that was developed by Autodesk. learn the robot to pay attention to their environment and to correct their behavior themselves. An example is SHRMP (Supervised High-Rate Metal Printing): A six-axis robotic arm can print millimeter precision stainless steel structures, wherein the total pressure is continuously scanned. This allows the system to control himself, discovered errors and calculates the best strategy for the further printing. Read More