arup 3d reimagingArup has issued a report, "Reimaging Property in a Digital World" revealing how digital technology is beginning to reshape the property sector, changing the way buildings are designed, built, and used. Fiona Cousins, PE leader of Arup's sustainability team in New York and an Arup Fellow said, "Digital technology is redefining the property sector as we speak, bringing the potential to radically improve our working lives, increase asset value, and create more sustainable buildings. With the right strategy in place, we can align the property sector with the demands of our digitally enabled society and truly deliver buildings for the future." The report predicts that physical and digital environments will merge into hybrid spaces. It's a world in which 3D printed and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled desks can adapt to every user, while the buildings they're in will become truly intelligent. That means they can better meet environmental regulations and provide users with a completely different experience of work, shopping, and play. Every element of the property development cycle will dramatically change and improve in response to our increasingly digitalized society. Read More