nal seismic3dHalliburton Borehole Seismic Services (BHS) can help enhance reservoir characterization with customized, reliable, high-resolution images provided by Far-Offset, Walkaway and 3D Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP).  Offset, Walkaway and 3D VSPs image formations in one or more directions laterally away and beneath the wellbore. The results are high-resolution 2D and 3D P and S images that yield important structural and stratigraphic information. These assist in reservoir delineation, including identification of faults and salt flanks, as well as enhancing amplitude-versus-offset (AVO) calibration and anisotropy detection. Integrated with surface-seismic and well-logging data, Offset VSP data can be used to define and describe formation rock properties/pore-pressure indicators, and identify other reservoir attributes with high resolution. The results give operators a clearer understanding of the best ways to exploit the reservoir, enabling more accurate drilling decisions. Read More