lumentum 3d sensorsAutonomous, self-driving vehicles which use laser ranging technology are already on the road today, and are predicted to become a mainstream commercial product before the end of this decade. Consumer and computing devices are now using diode lasers to enable innovative 3D sensing systems, transforming the user interface for gaming and facial recognition in smartphones and other handheld consumer devices. Diode lasers are also an intrinsic element in emerging technologies such as Google’s Tango, an augmented reality and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) service for smartphones.3D sensing is also finding its way into industrial and automotive control interfaces. In industrial equipment, for instance, 3D sensing using hand gestures allows operators to control computing equipment safely in hazardous environments. In vehicles, 3D sensing lets the driver control infotainment systems more quickly and safely than conventional buttons or touch-sensing methods. Read More