golden tomoThe Terra Exploration Group from Austin TX, who specializes in on-site geophysical surveys, is using Voxler to create 2D and 3D images based on data taken with the Terra EZ RES PRO earth resistance meter. This professional grade resistivity meter is deployed by geophysical surveyors who are trying to locate subsurface anomalies like water, mineral veins, caves, tunnels and even buried caches of treasure. Here's how it works. The EZ RES PRO resistance meter is used to perform Electrical Resistivity Tomography surveys, also known as ERTs. An ERT survey is a noninvasive data acquisition technique that uses electrodes attached to small probes that are pushed into the surface soil at a specified distance apart from one another. The electrical current between the electrodes at the probe locations is then recorded. Subsurface objects or anomalies typically return higher (or lower) resistivity readings than that of the native soil and rock layers. The resistivity differences aide in defining the location of target subsurface objects. Read More