bal bea hwyFollowing on from discussing the challenges and solutions in building a sustainable skills base in the nuclear sector, Balfour Beatty today presents fourteen key points in tackling the skills shortage in the Highways sector in its latest Public Policy paper, “The Road to Growth: Skills for the Highways Sector”. The UK’s road system is one of its most valuable national assets, key to our economic growth. Forming the arteries around the country, a safe and suitable strategic road network is vital in connecting major cities, delivering goods from towns to villages and keeping people moving up and down the country. Yet like many other sectors within the industry, there lies a critical issue behind the delivery of key highways infrastructure projects. By 2020, the year the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS) begins, the sector will need an extra 15,000 road-building professionals, this figure according to a speech delivered by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling on the skills and infrastructure needed to sustain transport investment in the UK. Read More