Symeo For Crane Collision Avoidance At Different Heights

symeo.3d.craneReliable multi-level anti-collision system for cranes at different heights, including integrated communication functionality. Safe and reliable work flows and efficient operational processes while protecting people and machines. Symeo's new multi-level anti-collision system for cranes increases workplace safety and allows optimal monitoring of your operational processes. The anti-collision solution relies on continuous tracking of all crane positions to prevent collisions and avoid costly production downtime, even when cranes operate at different heights. Configure your own warning and stop zones and flexibly change restricted areas - as often as you want and without additional costs. Read More

ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator Adds 3D To Construction - Infrastructure

iti vr 3dWith more than 300 scenarios equip your operators to learn, train, pre-qualify, pre-test, and log operating hours in the world's most advanced and realistic mobile crane simulator. Learn how ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulators are being adopted as the new industry standard for crane simulation thanks to its unmatched user experience, low-cost subscription approach, and growing content library.The Desktop Mobile Crane VR Simulator is a compact, mobile package that can be setup on top of any desk and deployed globally inside a Pelican Case. The Motion-Base Mobile Crane VR Simulator offers a crane cab experience for the trainee including an operator chair on a motion base. Read More

Autodesk Slicer for Fusion 360

autodesk slicerI’d venture to guess that all of you know that design is just small part of producing real products. I’d also guess that most of you don’t have a CNC in your garage…except for Curt of course. More likely, you’ll find a bandsaw, jigsaw, or even a hand saw. These, when teamed with Slicer for Fusion 360, will allow you to make incredible and complex designs. Built upon the 123D Make technology, this tool enables you to produce 3D products by slicing the models in a plethora of ways. Step 1 is to get this tool to work seamlessly with Fusion 360. First, you’ll need to get and install it from the App Store. Once that’s done, you can then add it as a “custom” selection from within the 3D print command. From there, to take your models from Fusion to Slicer, all you’ll need to do is hit the 3D Print button… Read More

Design Rainfalls to Aid Water Infrastructure Design

australia 3d waterWe’ve recently expanded the range of design rainfall estimates to assist water infrastructure design around Australia. This means users can now go to a single web page to access design rainfalls for probabilities ranging from 12 exceedances per year to a 1-in-2000 chance of being exceeded annually, for any location in Australia. Very frequent design rainfalls have not previously been available. These estimates extend the range of the design rainfalls to cover water-sensitive urban design purposes. The rare design rainfalls replace the existing CRC-FORGE estimates and provide estimates derived using a consistent database and method across Australia. Rare design rainfalls are used in the design of bridges and are also an integral part of the spillway adequacy assessment of existing dams. Read More

DuBox To Showcase First 3D Printed Concrete Element in UAE

dubox 3d conDuBox is sponsoring a pilot project at the inaugural Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit which will be held at the Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, UAE, from March 27-30, 2017. A joint initiative by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and co-hosted with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, the Summit will be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

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Arvizio Spins Up Enterprise Class Mixed Reality Platform

Arvizio 3dArvizio, Inc., today announces the company's launch, completion of initial funding and establishment of their worldwide headquarters in Ottawa. Arvizio offers the industry's first enterprise class mixed reality server platform for real time collaboration and 3D visualization across locations employing Microsoft HoloLens and other leading mixed reality devices. Arvizio Founder and CEO, Jonathan Reeves said, "Arvizio seeks to revolutionize the way enterprises innovate and collaborate.

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High-precision, Underground Visualisation For Infrastructure Works

3dcityThe LARA device promise is to provide field workers with the ability to ‘see beneath the ground’. Concretely, the device combines GNSS technology, 3D GIS technology and geospatial databases with computer graphics and Augmented Reality in order to render complex 3D models of underground networks — be it sewage pipes, gas conduits or electricity cables. The potential impact of this technology is tremendous: according to a 2006 report (McMahon et all, 2006), utility companies from the UK alone create over 1.5 million street holes each year, often causing damage to third-party assets. All in all, these maintenance operations cost some EUR 5.8 billion to British society, and LARA hopes to brings these costs down significantly. Read More

Alberta 3D Mountain Mapping Aimed At Flood Management

3d mappingAn abandoned chairlift marks what once was a developed ski run that is now a destination for scientists who hope this site will lead to better forecasting of floods, drought and other weather patterns. At 2,100 metres' elevation, Fortress Ridge in Kananaskis, Alta., boasts deep snow and an expansive view of the surrounding mountains. "This is a good place for us to really understand how the snow is moving around and how fast it is melting on different slopes," says John Pomeroy, the director of the Centre for Hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan. Read More

Ensight Standard CAE Post-processing And Visualization

ensight 3dEnSight Standard is the mainstay application for CAE post-processing and visualization. Able to read up to 32 models at the same time, from different data sources or solvers, it is ideal for comparing results between solvers, fluid-structure interaction post-processing, and optimization post-processing such as comparing multiple runs of the same solver against each other. EnSight Standard provides batch and interactive operations, allowing you and your team to run interactive explorations during the day and let EnSight complete batch post-processing for you overnight. Read More

Mitsubishi Electric Automated 3D Mapping Technologies For Traffic

mitsubishi 3d mapA unit with three GPS antennas, an IMU, cameras and laser scanners is mounted on the roof. All equipment has been configured at our manufacturing plant, so no complicated installation procedures are needed. Three GPS antennas arranged in a triangular configuration capture vehicle position precisely, enabling the three-dimensional space of the road surface and roadside to be measured when satellites are visible to the GPS receivers. Highly precise measurements are possible; absolute and relative accuracy are within 10cm and 1cm, respectively. Read more

The AIO Printing Pen For Designing And Printing in 3D

aio print penDesign and 3D print astonishing three-dimensional art objects in high precision! Adjust material flow speed to your individual preference while crafting. Control the temperature in 1 degree increments to adjust for PLA variety. Extra-bright OLED display allows you to monitor flow speed and temperature. We also offer Premium PLA Filament for the 3D Printing Pen. It comes at a guaranteed low-price of $8.99 on Amazon (Prime eligible). The 3D Printing Filament consists of 48 meters of PLA plastic with 16 colors (3 meters each). You will get one FREE FILAMENT GIFT with the purchase of the AIO Filament Pen. Read More

Menci APS - Photogrammetry Software Release 8.0

menci 3d imageAPS meets all skill-level users by several interaction steps up to the full automatic process. It runs on your desktop computer or laptop and processes small and medium format aerial imagery to 2D maps and 3D models with centimetric accuracy. APS handles ground-facing images coming from several kind of drone, but they must include GPS data (optionally IMU data too). Images must be acquired in strips, with a standard overlap of 70-80% (lateral and longitudinal). APS comes with 3 extension modules: StereoCAD (for stereoscopic inspection and 3D CAD plotting), TerrainTools (professional DEM editor and viewer), APSCheck (fast on field flight check). Read More

DataMapper Now Supports Micasense RedEdge and Parrot Sequoia Sensors

precisionhawk imageryToday, we are excited to announce that DataMapper now offers processing and analysis for Micasense RedEdge and Parrot Sequoia multispectral payloads. Users simply upload their aerial imagery and allow DataMapper to help find the solution. Multi-camera payloads use discrete bands of light to capture unique characteristics that are often undetectable by the human eye. The drone industry has been hungry for this technology to capture more comprehensive and valuable aerial data. DataMapper now ingests this type of raw data, automatically stitches the images into a 2D or 3D orthomosaic then offers an app store to analyze the maps. Available apps include vegetative indices like NDVI, VARI and SAVI as well as advanced, crop-specific algorithms. For a full of complete list of analysis apps with multispectral payload support, check out our Algorithm Marketplace. Read more