FOTONIC G-series TOF Cameras Shipping Starts Now

fotonic tof camEnd of June, the shipping of pre-ordered units of the G-series begins. The cameras represent a new breed of TOF-cameras, with superior quality at a price below 1000 €. “There are a lot of requests for the product and from a wide range of markets,” says Rickard Åström, Managing Director of Fotonic. “That shows the versatility of the camera and that it meets the demands in many types of industries.” Read More

DAQRI Smart Glasses Scenario High End Visualization in AEC

daqri vr glDAQRI Smart Glasses expands upon the most powerful aspects of the DAQRI augmented reality platform, and delivers it into all-new sectors, including lean manufacturing, engineering, and construction. The streamlined design of the Smart Glasses combines portability with access to high quality rendering, allowing the ability to plug and play into any Vos-enabled workstation. Software Defined Light, as currently used in our Automotive AR, visualizes content naturally, without eye strain or fatigue, focuses light at infinitely many depths, and works equally well in direct sunlight or total darkness. Software Defined Light significantly reduces power consumption and its miniaturized hardware is adaptable across multiple form factors. Read More

SiteVisit360 - Drop 3D Designs Into AEC Projects

sitevisit360 proSiteVisit360 is a cloud-based platform which lets you to create an accurate, geo-located environment from many different data sources and providers.  We bring together panoramic pictures, detailed point clouds and mapping to create a virtual world in which you can drop designs, make measurements and link points of interest, discussions, documents, and more photos.  A simple interface using only a web browser makes it accessible anywhere. Projects are getting more complicated — there’s a lot more data out there and it’s supposed to help.  You want to see the big picture, but more photos, more data, more designs, and more discussions just let you see parts of your problem with out helping with the overall view. Read More

3D Profile Measurement of Soil Samples

micro epsilonGerman automation company Visutronik GmbH from Neubrandenburg, Germany has developed a laser scanningdevice to measure surface soil samples for subsequent geometric analysis: roughness, surface type expansion (e.g. earthworm courses), etc. The core of the measuring device is the scanCONTROL 2700-100 laser scanner. Laser line sensors from Micro-Epsilon are among the highest performing profile sensors in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate. They detect, measure and evaluate profiles on different object surfaces. The available models are suitable for numerous industrial applications. The integrated intelligence in their sensor head (scanCONTROL SMART and gapCONTROL) solves versatile measurement tasks. Models for the customer’s own programming are available for integrators. The scanCONTROL and gapCONTROL sensors do not require any external controller. Read More

Mine Planning 3D Software Launch In Mongolia

maptek mongMaptek showcased the benefits of new geology and engineering functionality in Vulcan 10.1 in Ulaanbaatar last week. Local Maptek distributor, IT Expert LLC, coordinated the launch of Vulcan 10.1 to existing and potential customers at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST). New Vulcan functionality streamlines design and planning, optimises drill & blast and improves reporting and analysis of data. Steve Sullivan from Maptek provided a half day session demonstrating new features and workflows in Vulcan 10.1. This was appreciated by the audience of 20 customers from companies Oyu Tolgoi, Sharyn Gol, RPM Global, SRK Consulting, MUST and Theis Khishig Arvein. Read More

3ds Max 3D Modeling And Rendering Software

autodesk 3dsmaxModel your design and layout in Revit and use 3ds Max to add final details. 3ds Max preserves model geometry, lights, materials, and other metadata from Revit projects. 3ds Max works with most major renderers—including Arnold,V-Ray, Iray, and mental ray—to help create striking scenes and visuals. Create, share, and update portable assets that are flexible, connected, and react to changes in design data. Read More

3D Technology Deployed In Avro Arrow Jet Interceptor Project

avro arrowThe Arrow, a sleek jet interceptor developed in Malton, Ont., in the 1950s, had the potential to propel Canada to the forefront in military aviation. When the program was abruptly cancelled in 1959 by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, more than 30,000 employees lost their jobs — and the planes were ordered to be destroyed. Read More

3D PDF - Protect Design and Visualization IP With Publish 3D

Our latest Publish 3D – 3D PDF suite of products now offer greater levels of Intellectual Property (IP) protection  to users publishing 3D CAD data directly to a PDF file from within their design and visualization applications. PDF files containing interactive 3D data created using our Publish 3D provide a higher level of Intellectually Property (IP) security than native CAD files by allowing the documents to be password protected. Native CAD files cannot be password protected, causing IP vulnerabilities when shared or accessed. Using 3D PDF, the CAD data can be translated into a tessellated format, with content such as features, history and constraints being removed, so that the 3D representation can be viewed and manipulated, but the native CAD data cannot be accessed or reproduced from the PDF alone. This added functionality gives greater confidence when sharing sensitive information with partners and suppliers. Read More

Cepton 3D Perception For The Smart Machines of Tomorrow

cepton.3d lidarThe next generation of 3D sensing solutions for automotive and industrial applications. Cepton LiDAR technology delivers unrivaled performance, range and resolution at low cost. Cepton provides customers in the automotive and industrial spaces with sensing solutions to provide higher-resolution and longer-range imaging at dramatically lower costs. Its LiDAR technology provides an immediate means to enable perception in smart machines and drive automation forward. Watch here for a demonstration of our products detecting objects more than 200 meters away. Read more

3DMacro Masonry Software

3dmasro mas3DMacro schematizes the masonry walls by means of a plane macro-element developed in academia.This element simulates the main failure mechanisms in the plane of the wall panels and allows to model l`interazione between masonry and reinforced concrete frames. 3DMacro is the right compromise between the complexity of the modeling methods finite element nonlinear, accurate but computationally burdensome and difficult to interpret, el`eccessiva approximation of simplified approaches (POR method, frame models, etc.). With the new sparse solver for nonlinear analysis become simple, fast and reliable! Read More

Hovermap 3D Lidar Mapping For UAV

hovermap100Hovermap is a 3D lidar mapping and autonomy payload suitable for small rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). It utilises our proprietary Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) solution to generate 3D point clouds and therefore does not require GPS. This allows low-cost, high-resolution UAV-based lidar mapping both indoors and outdoors. The lidar is also used in real-time for collision avoidance, providing a virtual safety sphere around the UAV. Hovermap is currently being commercialised by Emesent Autonomy and will be available to purchase in Q4 2017. The commercial version will include RGB cameras to colour the point cloud and conduct visual inspections. An Early Adopter Program has been launched for beta testing of this version.  Read More

Lumion 7.5 Includes New HD Materials

lumion 3d launchYou can now amp up the authenticity and style of your renders with 52 new high-definition materials, including stone, marble, brick and tiles. These new HD textures can help you apply the finishing touches in creating the perfect render. Do you have your own favorite materials set? With Lumion 7.5, you can now import your own non-square textures without any distortion. This means cleaner, more attractive renders with your own signature materials and styles! Read MoreYou can now amp up the authenticity and style of your renders with 52 new high-definition materials, including stone, marble, brick and tiles. These new HD textures can help you apply the finishing touches in creating the perfect render. Do you have your own favorite materials set? With Lumion 7.5, you can now import your own non-square textures without any distortion. This means cleaner, more attractive renders with your own signature materials and styles!  Read More

MapInfo Discover - GIS for the Geosciences 3dMapInfo Discover 64-bit is the indispensable GIS package for the compilation, mapping and analysis of spatial geosciences information, such as drillhole, geophysical, geochemical and geological field data. It’s ideal for conducting regional exploration programs, prospect-scale drilling, geotechnical evaluations or environmental monitoring. MapInfo Discover incorporates MapInfo Pro Advanced, the industry’s most advanced raster grid analysis solution. Analyze and manipulate high-resolution rasters with ease, including satellite imagery, soil geochemistry, aeromagnetics and detailed LIDAR terrain models. Step up to MapInfo Discover 3D and effortlessly visualize, model and analyze your data in a rich and intuitive 3D environment, effectively bridging the gap between GIS and specialist mine‑planning systems. Read More