MiTek's Award-winning 3D SAPPHIRE Suite BIM And CAD Technology

SAPPHIRE SuiteMiTek's award-winning SAPPHIRE™ BIM and CAD technology plays an essential role enabling collaboration between component manufacturers, lumber dealers, and their architect, engineer, and home builder customers. Through the digital pre-building process enabled by SAPPHIRE, everyone can rest assured that a structure – including lot-specific structural options – can be built as drawn.  Quickly review SAPPHIRE™ Structure models in Plan and 3-D views using zoom and pan. Read More

Viametris IMS 3D - Continuous Scanner for Building Survey at Topographic Quality Level

Viametris iMS 3DThe mobile 3D scanner of Viametris for building interior (and exterior*) is based on a unique technology in indoor field, using no GPS (no GNSS), which allows it to address the first main need of Surveyors and Topographers: the ratio of accuracy / acquisition speed. The iMS 3D embeds now an IMU (Attitude and Heading Unit - Inertial Measurement Unit) which permits to correct slopes and ground roughnesses. The iMS 3D is designed for surveys in any kind of buildings. Read More

Ladybug Analysis Tools For Grasshopper

ladybug 3d desLadybug and Honeybee are two open source environmental plugins for Grasshopper to help designers and engineers create an environmentally-conscious building design. Ladybug is an open source environmental plugin for Grasshopper3D that helps architects and engineers create an environmentally-conscious architectural design.  Ladybug imports standard EnergyPlus Weather files (.EPW) into Grasshopper and provides a variety of 3D interactive graphics to support the decision-making process during the initial stages of design. Read More

TFTLabs Offers Solidworks 2017 Support

Solidworks 2017 3D tftTFTLabs S.A.S, announces today in this latest release the support of new Solidworks 2017 for company products TFTWeb, TFTPad, TFT4iT and free JSON3D Gallery.   “In CAD interoperability business, the #1 customer requirement is the responsiveness in delivering updates compatible with the latest versions of any CAD format. This is also our #1 priority for the 20+ formats we support and, thanks to our Web software available on most popular Web browsers. Deployment to end-users is instantaneous and transparent. We are proud of our development team who managed to release this update. Our technology reads and visualizes all 3D native formats without any license of 3D software from a simple Web browser. ”  says Jean-Luc Brocard, CEO and Quality and Customers Support Manager. Read More

Conform Release Builds Richer Environments for Game Engines and Cesium

conform.3d.simGameSim Inc, provider of products and services to the entertainment, modeling & simulation, and geospatial industries, announced Conform 1.4 has been released. This new version includes a variety of features that improve the automated generation of high quality environments for game-engines and web-viewers. Conform built environments exported to Cesium, OBJ, FBX, and OpenFlight formats contain a fully fused representation, including elevation data, 3D cultural features, roads, point clouds, imagery, and procedural ground texturing. In addition to licensing Conform for customers to produce their own environments, GameSim will provide services to build final environments for customers. Read More

GRASS GIS 7.2.0 Released - 50 New Add-ons

GRASS GISAfter almost two years of development the new stable major release GRASS GIS 7.2.0 is available. It provides more than 1950 stability fixes and manual improvements compared to the former stable release version 7.0.5. The new version includes a series of new modules to analyse raster and vector data along with new temporal algebra functionality.More than 50 new addons are also available. A summary of the new features is available at New Features in GRASS GIS 7.2.

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Coda Octopus Announces New XD Wide Angle Echoscope

codaocopus 3d echoWe are delighted to announce an exciting new addition to our range of real-time 3D sonar systems. The latest development sees a wide-angle 90° x 40° 240kHz option added to the Echoscope. This new variant of sonar has multiple projectors and affords increased opening angle thus significantly increasing the field-of-view and survey area of coverage. In addition to the real-time 3D imaging, which enables the Echoscope® to deliver efficiencies in projects where there is low or zero visibility conditions prevailing the new XD Dual Frequency model will enable large area imaging and mapping to be efficiently and effectively completed in support of a wide range of subsea bathymetry and imaging projects. The Echoscope® is well established as the world’s first and highest resolution real-time 3D sonar. Built around unique patented technology it generates a complete 3D model, composed of over 16,000 sounding from each and every acoustic transmission. Read More

GRMC Augmented AI Based Analytics For Infrastructure

grmc aiGRMC supports you to increase the productivity and extend the life-period of your transportation assets, associated with road, rail, waterway or bridge networks. Our predictive analysis system provides maintenance information which is helpful to optimize performance in an effective and profitable way. We support you to make better decisions about maintenance of other assets in Telecom, Electric Utility, Defense, National security, Oil and gas etc. The targeted task can be easily executed with focus onto that particular asset. We increase the safety, performance and reliability in various verticals. Our solutions help you to plan, design, construct and operate utility infrastructure to meet ever-changing industry requirements, reduce costs and deliver sustainable, safe, timely, and reliable service. Our offerings for planning and design include mapping and geospatial analysis, site analysis and design, substation design, network design and management, transmission tower design and so on. Read More

GNOSIS Scalable Object-oriented GIS Visualization SDK Supporting 3D Views And Terrain

forest earth3dGNOSIS provides you with an object-oriented SDK for visualizing geographic data. The GNOSIS SDK is written using the eC programming language, and bindings for other languages can be provided. The GNOSIS SDK will run on both 32 and 64 bit platforms, with support for Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. Support for deploying as web application is currently under development and will be based on WebGL. The Ecere SDK can be used in conjunction with GNOSIS to provide a cross-platform framework for easily building an application's user interface, implementing network connectivity or as a uniform API for other system functionality such as file access. Read More

Verto Studio 3D For Mac

Verto Studio 3DVerto Studio 3D is an innovative, fully-functional 3D modeling program designed to rival over-complicated studio modeling programs. It strives to push the boundaries of what is capable on the Mac while retaining as simplistic of an interface as possible. With use of the "auto tool", the user can intuitively gesture using taps, swipes, pinches and twirls to quickly alter the scene as they see fit. Read More

India Tunes Tsunami System With 3D Technology

tsunami indiaToday, a  24X7 early warning system is operational.  It has a capability to issue tsunami bulletins in less than 10 minutes after any major earthquake in the Indian Ocean. This provides a response/lead time of about 10 to 20 minutes to regions nearer to the epicentre of the quake and a few hours in the case of regions further away. The great Indian Ocean tsunami occurred on December 26, 2004 and within a year the Government approved the setting up of an early warning system after detailed brainstorming sessions with experts in the field both within and outside the country. Set up at a cost of Rs. 150 crore, the system became operational on October 15, 2007. Initially, it had a capability to issue a warning within 20 minutes. It has since then been fine tuned and first warning is now available within 10 minutes. Read More

CGG Geoscience Integrated Project and Data Management

cgg softwareCGG’s GeoSoftware platform delivers an integrated project and data management environment dedicated to multi-disciplinary collaboration and seamless cross product workflows. Centralized management of projects, project security, data, and sessions reduces project cycle time and ensures the most current, highest quality data is available.

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New UAV with Satellite Communication to Enter Market

ihis uavThe Czech company Primoco UAV SE is coming out with a new UAV: One 150. The main difference from the One 100 is a completely new 50 HP engine, which allows the aircraft to reach a ceiling above 5,000 metres and an increased amount of useful load. In addition, it is now the only UAV in the country with a device receiving radio signals, and, from the first part of 2017, satellite navigation as well. As a result, interest in the aircraft has significantly increased abroad.

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