OGSystems Releases Next Generation PeARL Product Line

ogsystems image processOGSystems (OGS) announced the latest updates to the PeARL 3D aerial imaging system and PeARL Flash, their sensor agnostic, 2D/3D enterprise level image processing system. OGSystems’ PeARL Flash generates user defined, on demand 3D derivative products such as Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models and true color encoded point clouds directly from 2D imagery and allows customers to rapidly process aerial imagery and then view results over a secure internet connection. Companies specializing in aerial image acquisition can upload their data after landing and view seamless, orthorectified maps within hours. The next generation PeARL 6 sensor provides 4cm ground sample distance (GSD) at a 10,000 ft above ground level (AGL) with nearly a 2,000-yard configurable swath width, resulting in drastic resolution, color and blooming suppression improvement from the previous generation PeARL 5 sensor, and features significantly decreased size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements. Read More

CEPTON 3D Perception For The Smart Machines of Tomorrow

cepton 3d lidarThe next generation of 3D sensing solutions for automotive and industrial applications. Cepton LiDAR technology delivers unrivaled performance, range and resolution at low cost. Cepton provides customers in the automotive and industrial spaces with sensing solutions to provide higher-resolution and longer-range imaging at dramatically lower costs. Its LiDAR technology provides an immediate means to enable perception in smart machines and drive automation forward. Watch here for a demonstration of our products detecting objects more than 200 meters away. Read More

Asta Powerproject BIM Integrated Module for Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject BIMAsta Powerproject BIM is an integrated module for Asta Powerproject which enables you to easily link the tasks in your project plan with 3D model components for 4D planning in one application. It is ideal for tendering and progress monitoring.  By combining 3D models with scheduling tools in one application, Asta Powerproject BIM enables you to use the visual power of 4D planning to: Identify problems that may not be visible via traditional schedules. Run scenarios to assess feasibility of execution and find the best solutions. See the impact in the 3D view as you update the Gantt chart. Read More

FOTONIC F-Sweiwa Industrial Time-of-Flight Cameras

fotonics 3d tofTraditional two-dimensional images are appropriate in many situations. They are excellent for displaying images and for recording, but always subject to interpretation by the human eye. For a computer, analyzing a two-dimensional picture is extremely difficult. Thus, the third dimension is needed. Imaging in 3D significantly simplifies techniques necessary for computer vision. The key to “seeing” objects is not merely to analyze colours and textures, but to segment them in terms of real-world objects and their spatial and temporal relationships in the scene. With the third dimension, a computer program can distinguish the foreground objects from the background ones. Using this knowledge, the application can interpret its surroundings. Read More

4D PHASING - Complex Construction Technical Detail To Your Audiences

4DPhasingtanahillDemonstrate Complex Technical Detail To Your Audiences Using A Clear & Precise Medium . . . Are you searching for an ideal way to visualise your construction or demolition events? 4D Phasing is an extension of the 3D element with the fourth dimension – time. 4D construction or demolition sequencing of a project to visualise construction events, helps your audience understand the process of activities throughout the lifetime of the project. Construction planning, planning application and bid support, improved productivity, error and clash identification as well as logistics management are just a few of the benefits that could be released to your project by utilising Tannahill Reay’s 4D Phasing services. Read More

Gexcel LineUp PRO + EdgeWise Delivers On 3D BIM

gexcel 3d bimThe perfect software solution for construction applications, extraction of 3D models of plants and wooden/metal structures.  The perfect software solution for the analysis and extraction of models and structural data of industrial plants.  The Gexcel Suites are very fitting solutions to connect the 3D world with the vector field. Thanks to the powerful LineUp Pro tool (for automatic target-less scans registration) and the well known EdgeWise software. The BIM & PLANT and INDUSTRIAL PLANT Suites were born. A fruitful solution both in efficiency and price. Read More

Open Data Platform of the Swiss Public Transport

open swiss dataopentransportdata.swiss is the platform for customer information data on public transport in Switzerland, where you can obtain data on public transport free of charge and get access to specific public Transport services. The data published here has been prepared for developers. The platform provides timetable, real-time and actual data in a file- or service-based format. The data cover all licensed transport companies in Switzerland. The platform and its community are being continuously improved and further developed together with the community. Read More

COSY Robotics 3D Maps Indoor Environments

cosy 3d mapCOSY is a robotics company developing technology to create 3D immersive maps of complex indoor spaces. Sounds impressive (at least to me) but what does that sequence of words mean and why should you care? Think of how GPS and Google Maps have transformed so much of our world. Househunting? Type in an address and you can zoom in from outer space until you are literally in the backyard. Driving in an unfamiliar setting and want to find the nearest hospital/movie theater/supermarket/dentist/CPA? Siri or Google are at your service and can tell you everything you might want to know, then provide turn-by-turn directions and a traffic report. Curious what’s in that building you just passed – back to Siri or Google. Read More

GeomaticsCube Ecosystem Advanced 3D Technologies

geomaticscubeGeomaticsCube Ecosystem is the result of a diversified know-how, acquired in different sectors such as architecture, archaeology, mining and transport industry, geology, GIS, computer graphics, computer science, metrology and mechanical industry. It is a whole system of state-of-art Advanced 3D technologies, conceived and developed to build, survey, upgrade and get to know the historical and cultural heritage in a dedicated way for the academics and the general public. The mission of GeomaticsCube Ecosystem is to share Advanced3D with the cultural institutions, the governments, the schools and the world of professionals for its implementation in the activities of preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage. Read More

German Scientists Develop 3D Holography With Wi-Fi Router

wifi 3d hologScientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a holographic imaging process that depicts the radiation of a Wi-Fi transmitter to generate three-dimensional images of the surrounding environment. Industrial facility operators could use this to track objects as they move through the production hall. Just like peering through a window, holograms project a seemingly three-dimensional image. While optical holograms require elaborate laser technology, generating holograms with the microwave radiation of a Wi-Fi transmitter requires merely one fixed and one movable antenna, as Dr. Friedenmann Reinhard and Philipp Holl report in the current issue of the renowned scientific journal Physical Review Letter. Read More

Spotscale Urban Planning, Inspection And VR Application In 3D

Spotscale 3d modelWant a 3D map of that spot you’re working on? Need it for a Urban planning, Inspection, a VR application, to import into your CAD software or 3D printing it? No matter what you need your 3D model for, we can help you get it right. With our network of skilled drone pilots we can cater to your needs whatever they are. If you have your own camera and drone, let us take care the processing! Our 3D reconstruction algorithms are tailored for buildings and urban environments. You upload your images and we’ll deliver a 3D model in multiple resolutions. We also provide you and your customer with tools for construction, inspection or urban planning. Read More

TGS and PGS Announce Fourth 3D Seismic Project Offshore Eastern Canada

tgs geostreamerTGS and Petroleum Geo-Services ("PGS") announce the fourth 3D seismic project offshore Eastern Canada for 2017.  Long Range 3D will comprise approximately 9,100 km2 of 3D GeoStreamer data in the Eastern Newfoundland region. The survey covers open acreage which will be included in the November 2018 licensing round under Newfoundland and Labrador's Scheduled Land Tenure system. Following completion of these surveys, the jointly-owned library will have more than 175,000 km of 2D GeoStreamer data and 28,500 km2 of 3D GeoStreamer data. An expansive well log library is also available in the region, along with advanced multi-client interpretation products that will improve play, trend and prospect delineation. "With four 3D projects now committed for 2017 this will be our most active year ever in Newfoundland and Labrador.  E&P companies are continuing to prioritize this region in their exploration strategies and we are well placed to support them as they prepare for future licensing rounds," commented Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS.  Read More

Autonomous 3D Mapping Drone is a Game Changer At UNSW

unsw 3d mappingAn autonomous 3D mapping drone that slashes surveying times from weeks to hours has the potential to save lives and cut costs in many industries, as well as assist in disaster-recovery efforts. UNSW Engineering researchers and Linke & Linke Surveys have partnered to develop the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) using spinning Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology that delivers fast and accurate 3D maps of targeted areas and features. Weighing about 12 kilograms, the small UAV can travel for up to 18 minutes above any terrain to deliver data from 30,000 reference points per second in real time. One of its main surveying uses is in large construction projects, where large costs are derived from measuring stockpile volumes and waiting for accurate data. Read More