New Microsoft Open Source AirSim

microsoft airsimAirSim is a simulator for drones (and soon other vehicles) built on Unreal Engine. It is open-source, cross platform and supports hardware-in-loop with popular flight controllers such as Pixhawk for physically and visually realistic simulations. It is developed as an Unreal plugin that can simply be dropped in to any Unreal environment you want. Our goal is to develop AirSim as a platform for AI research to experiment with deep learning, computer vision and reinforcement learning algorithms for autonomous vehicles. For this purpose, AirSim also exposes APIs to retrieve data and control vehicles in a platform independent way Read More

Touchscreen Software Added to Altair Partner Alliance

altair touchSense was developed after months of research on touchscreen industry needs and the product design process. The greatest challenges of effectively using simulation in touchscreen design were all identified and tackled one by one. In Sense, it takes a matter of seconds to set up the design by choosing the analysis type, the controller, the pattern and the stack-up. The parametric analysis capability saves engineers valuable time, enabling the simultaneous testing of hundreds of finger positions in all three dimensions.

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Leica SPL100 Sensor Improves Efficiency Compared To Airborne LiDAR Mapping

leica sensorLeica Geosystems announced today the release of the Leica SPL100 as part of the RealTerrain reality capture solution, enabling airborne professionals to more efficiently collect and process LiDAR data of large areas day or night in leaf-on or leaf-off conditions.  Combining the SPL100 single photon LiDAR (SPL) and imaging sensor with Leica HxMap, the scalable post-processing workflow software, RealTerrain enables, for the first time in history, the efficient collection and rapid processing of large area LiDAR data sets. SPL100 collects an unprecedented 6 million points per second with 100 output beams, and HxMap provides a complete single-interface post processing platform to create industry standard LiDAR and image data products.

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STRAKON 2017: The Universal Tool For Structural Planners

dicad 3dThe focus of the new version 2017 is next to 3D and BIM (Building Information Modeling) also the 2D planning. The industry-specific CAD program for load-bearing, reinforcement and finished parts planners offers the option of drawing-oriented, BIM-compliant 3D or even two-dimensional and three-dimensional parallel work. STRAKON therefore provides the right tool and the appropriate functions for every task. The suggestions for STRAKON's further development include, among other things, several workcourses for high-tech, engineering, prefabricated and bridge construction, user meetings, as well as discussions with hotline and sales teams with users. This provides for practically-oriented program updates and extensions. Read More

Peregrine 3D Flash LIDAR Vision System

asc cameraASC is the world’s leader in 3D Flash LIDAR cameras.  ASC designed the Peregrine family of 3D Flash LIDAR Video Cameras  as lightweight, low power 3D video cameras that output range (point cloud) and intensity in real-time for use in a wide range of applications ranging from aerial mapping to active safety to surveillance.  Peregrines are used by automotive companies to evaluate 3D Flash LIDAR cameras for their active safety and autonomous applications such as collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems. Read More

Barco Canada Projects British Columbia in 3D

barco slm serThe Royal BC Museum recently launched a never-before-seen perspective of this province. The new BC Map is part of the new Living Land, Living Sea gallery, the province's first permanent display on climate and climate change. This is the world's first three-dimensional map of British Columbia generated solely from satellite images. "The technology uses the power of Barco’s new SLM R12+ 3 Chip DLP projector and a PC generated source to tell the story which will excite British Columbians about their province," said Pauline Rafferty, CEO of the Friends of the Royal British Columbia Museum. "It is compelling to parents and preschool children alike." 

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ProtoCycler - Create Your Own Ink For 3D Printers

3d recProtoCycler is a home filament extruder that lets you create your own ‘ink’ for your 3D printer at little to no cost. rotoCycler comes with a built in grinder. Printer messed up? Need to update your design? Just don’t like it? Grind it up and recycle it, safely and easily, until it’s exactly what you want! Sure, you can order colored filament. But what about that particular shade of blue you’re thinking of? Models that change color throughout? ProtoCycler does all of this and more. Read More

Kisters Enhances 3DViewStation With Rendering Performance And Photo Realistic Rendering

kisters 3d viewKisters North America has released version 2017 of its 3DViewStation Desktop, a powerful 3D CAD viewer and universal viewer for engineers and designers. The new version features several updates, including revolutionary rendering performance and rendering quality. Known for its modern user-interface, high performance viewing, advanced analysis and integration capabilities into leading systems, 3DViewStation ships with current and mature importers for a broad range of 3D and 2D formats including i.e. Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor, JT, 3D-PDF, STEP, DWG, DXF, DWF, MS Office and many more. 

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3D Printed Skylines - Dallas 3D Model

dallas 3dVote on the cities you would like to see built. Once a city reaches 100 votes it will move into the 3D modeling phase of the process. An appropriate area and scale for the city is chosen. It then takes about 2-4 weeks for the 3D model to be created. The final model is 3D printed using biodegradable PLA plastic on a high-end 3D printer. The prints range in size from 4-10 inches in width. Read More

VIMAEC - Virtual Modeling That Helps Creators Visualize

vimaec 3dDriverless vehicles are currently all the rage in the tech industry, with every big Silicon Valley player hoping to take part in the autonomous future. Some AI researchers, like scientists from Intel Labs, are using the popular video game Grand Theft Auto to train driverless software how to better navigate in reality. As a result of its ability to provide information and create lifelike scenarios, gaming technology contains incredible potential that can be transferred to real world applications.

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Datumate Releases New Datasurvey Version

datumate datasurveyDatumate is pleased to announce a release of DatuSurvey V5.1 of both Professional and Enterprise editions. Dense Point Cloud may now be generated at 4 different density levels as specified by the user. Dense Point Cloud may now be generated with mesh or with textured mesh.  Mesh and texture may be exported to OBJ format. Orthophoto may now be generated at 4 different resolutions. 3D Viewer is able to handle up to 100 million points.  Thus, viewing an excellent quality model with mesh and texture. Read More

Golden Software Releases Surfer v14

golden surfer14Golden Software announces the release of Surfer version 14, a powerful 2D and 3D mapping, modeling and analysis program designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of geospatial data. Used by thousands of scientists, engineers, and educators across the globe, Surfer is a leading competitor in data modeling software. Surfer offers thirteen different gridding methods, including Kriging with variograms, to convert regularly or irregularly spaced XYZ data into uniform grids. Display a grid or digital elevation model (DEM) as one of ten fully customizable 2D and 3D grid-based map types: contour, watershed, viewshed, shaded relief, color relief, 1-grid and 2-grid vector, grid value, 3D wireframe, and 3D surface maps.

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Geoverse Massive Data Manager Handles Laser and Photogrammetry Data Quickly

euclideon geoverseGeoverse Massive Data Manager is a revolutionary new geospatial software offering that slashes the hardware costs behind storing, displaying, and interacting with the complex data sets generated by 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry. The popularity of 3D data is growing thanks to the falling costs of the technology required to scan in objects and areas. However, the falling costs of scanning hardware are contrasted with the rising storage and COMPUTATIONAL costs of the data that is being generated. As the demand for detail rises, traditionally, so did the hardware costs associated with storing and visualising it. Geoverse Massive Data Manager point cloud rendering is based on Euclideon’s revolutionary Unlimited Detail (UD) technology. This technology is able to handle the vast amounts of LiDAR data — which can be produced at rates of up to two million points per second — in a way previously unimaginable on normal computers. Read More