thames pipe inspectionSince delivery of the Eva, Alex Rainer, working on a research project between Thames Water and the University of Surrey, has been developing an appropriate methodology, combining the Eva and its software, visual texture added to the pipe and a motorised pipe rotator, so reliable 3D models of the pipes can be built. Artec Studio 10.1, the recently updated system software, has increased the robustness of making the mesh by improved texture tracking whilst recording data. It also utilises more of the multi-core capability of the PC workstation used in the project so the raw data processing is completed in a significantly shorter time. Comparing the models from before and after corrosion is removed from the pipe enables corrosion levels to be mapped to a good level of accuracy. The corrosion mapping provided by the Eva™ will be used as a baseline against which the effectiveness of different non-destructive approaches can be gauged. Read More