campbell snow sensWeatherpia's SDMS-30 is a powerful and cost-effective 2D multipoint, laser based snow depth sensor. In the past, multipoint laser based snow depth sensors have typically been complex and costly, so the practical SDMS-30 was developed to address those issues. Performance and reliability of the device has been proven with thorough testing of the sensor and its measurement method. With the SDMS-30, you can enjoy accurate data from a compact, automated, multipoint scanning laser snow depth sensor at a reasonable price. The ability to quickly and reliably detect the onset of snowfall and snowmelt is a highly sought after feature in a snow depth sensor, and the SDMS-30 does not disappoint. It is one of a few laser sensor models available in the world that can reliably detect the onset of snowfall and snowmelt, and of all the models available, the SDMS-30 is the most cost-effective. Read More