UK3D 3D geologicalThe bedrock geological map of the United Kingdom has been extended into the third dimension with the release of UK3D and is shown as a network of cross sections through the earth's crust. This new way of visualising 3D national-scale geology will benefit people seeking to understand its relationship to landscape and resources such as water, oil, minerals, coal and gas. It also provides a useful tool to help explain complex geological relationships to the public and in education.  

The UK3D geological model uses digital cross sections of the geology beneath the United Kingdom and joins them up in a 'fence diagram'. You can open cross sections of UK3D, in Google Earth for example, to rotate, tilt and zoom into an area of interest and interrogate a geological layer — at depth — below your area of interest. This national-scale model will help users to better visualise the subsurface at county, regional and national scale. This is particularly useful for example in modelling the flow and storage of water supplies between numerous aquifers. Read More