Solidworks 2017 3D tftTFTLabs S.A.S, announces today in this latest release the support of new Solidworks 2017 for company products TFTWeb, TFTPad, TFT4iT and free JSON3D Gallery.   “In CAD interoperability business, the #1 customer requirement is the responsiveness in delivering updates compatible with the latest versions of any CAD format. This is also our #1 priority for the 20+ formats we support and, thanks to our Web software available on most popular Web browsers. Deployment to end-users is instantaneous and transparent. We are proud of our development team who managed to release this update. Our technology reads and visualizes all 3D native formats without any license of 3D software from a simple Web browser. ”  says Jean-Luc Brocard, CEO and Quality and Customers Support Manager. Read More