cloudcities 3d passAt the beginning of 2017, the CloudCities team made a commitment to deliver some big milestones for our users. We are good for our word and excited to announce our first big release of the new year! Some key new features include password protected scenes, IFC support, and an improved attribute editor. A long-awaited feature on many user’s wish list was private scenes. We listened to you and we now offer the capability to password protect your scenes.

Previously your scenes could be either public or unlisted. We now offer a third option with increased security. Private scenes are only accessible by the owner, or, alternatively, they can be password protected. Why is this important? Now you can share a scene with security and privacy in mind, especially on confidential projects. As you are aware, CloudCities supports multiple file formats for importing into your scenes. We are always eager to expand this list and can now proudly add IFC. Our new IFC support makes importing BIM projects a breeze especially with capabilities to manage your connected data which builds a streaming 3D story. We have also revamped our attribute editor. Now, attributes can be shown as a spreadsheet side-by-side with the 3D view. When selecting an object in the scene, the corresponding row in the spreadsheet will automatically be highlighted.  Read More