ctech vol.studioEarth Volumetric Studio(Studio) is the revolutionary synthesis of C Tech’s Environmental Visualization System and Mining Visualization System integrated with new technology from years of EnterVol development. Earth Volumetric Studio retains the modular toolkit paradigm of its predecessors in an updated, user friendly environment. Earth Volumetric Studio is a standalone Windows program which offers the ultimate in speed, power and flexibility. Studio unites advanced volumetric gridding, geostatistical analysis, and 4D visualization tools into a software system developed to address the needs of all Earth science disciplines.

The graphical user interface is integrated with modular analysis and graphics routines which can be customized and combined to satisfy the analysis and visualization needs of any application.  Studio can be used to analyze all types of analytical and geophysical data in any environment (e.g. soil, groundwater, surface water, air, noise, resistivity, etc.). Earth Volumetric Studio’s integrated geostatistics provides quantitative evaluation of the quality of your data and site models and identifies locations that require additional data collection. Read More