dassault japanOften industry remain 4.0 initiatives in the pilot phase hanging. What are the consequences, a recent study by market research firm IDC: While the number of pilot projects increases, stagnates the number of sales initiatives. Only 5 percent of the industrial companies surveyed currently have a central data platform that links all departments across the value chain. Exactly this point addresses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes.  

At the booth of Dassault Systèmes can be based on the latest 3D technologies - including design, simulation and augmented reality - track how arise first innovative design packaging variances based on specific customer requirements. Their physical properties can then be analyzed virtual, simulated and optimized, for example in terms of their functionality. For the purposes of the circular economy into the design process flow important information about the regulatory framework, environmental and recycling requirements, or local standards for packaging sizes an with. Product and processes, are regarded systemically and holistically, the added global leaders as West Rock in the situation, globally optimal plan the production process and still be able to respond flexibly to local specifics and thus offer your customers real added value.  Read More