euclideon solidscanSOLIDSCAN converts a laser scan into a solid, photo–realistic representation of the real world. SOLIDSCAN does not naively “interpolate“ points – instead, SOLIDSCAN uses a new 3D technique to produce solid photo–realistic point clouds with no holes. This is not “meshing“ or photogrammetry – instead, we have invented a completely new method that uses 3D objects with volume called “Atoms“. 

There is no upper limit to the detail that can be reproduced using SOLIDSCAN. A 3 Terabyte SOLIDSCAN file can open and stream at the same speed as a 3 Megabyte one. Incredibly, Euclideon’s SOLIDSCAN removes moving objects and noise from laser scanned data – only static objects remain. Reflective surfaces like whiteboards and mirrors can now be laser scanned with photo–realistic results. SOLIDSCAN technology creates many new opportunities for scanning organizations. Traditionally a laser scanner was a tool for measurement – now it becomes a tool for copying the real world. Read More