vimaec 3dDriverless vehicles are currently all the rage in the tech industry, with every big Silicon Valley player hoping to take part in the autonomous future. Some AI researchers, like scientists from Intel Labs, are using the popular video game Grand Theft Auto to train driverless software how to better navigate in reality. As a result of its ability to provide information and create lifelike scenarios, gaming technology contains incredible potential that can be transferred to real world applications.

Now, VIMaec is tapping into that very potential to help architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) professionals get their jobs done. VIMaec develops the virtual reality visualization tools VIM. VIM (Virtual Information Model) delivers a fully immersive, easily navigable, and interactive 3D experience. It employs a powerful game engine to create Virtual Reality Environments that contain all of the BIM data from the Revit file and building product data. Users can perform walkthroughs of building designs via a computer screen, or optimize the technology by strapping on a Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift headset for an all-encompassing 360-degree virtual reality tour. Read More