altair touchSense was developed after months of research on touchscreen industry needs and the product design process. The greatest challenges of effectively using simulation in touchscreen design were all identified and tackled one by one. In Sense, it takes a matter of seconds to set up the design by choosing the analysis type, the controller, the pattern and the stack-up. The parametric analysis capability saves engineers valuable time, enabling the simultaneous testing of hundreds of finger positions in all three dimensions.

Algorithms that run in the background are optimized to deliver results with maximum accuracy in a minimal amount of time. Results are presented in heat maps and interactive plots and can be easily filtered and exported. Sense is the new essential tool for touchscreen design. “Sense is the first of a long line of new generation simulation tools. Simplifying the simulation by hiding all expertise behind a simple intelligent app environment will enable more engineers to use simulation in their design processes,” said Yiorgos Bontzios, CEO at Fieldscale. “We are thrilled that Altair is our ally and together we head to the new era of simulations.” Read More