neon 3d trackerNEON Personnel Tracker provides ubiquitous 3D location, tracking and mapping for personnel operating indoors and in any location where GPS is unavailable. Personnel Tracker is an Android application tightly integrated with the NEON Location Service where a suite of patented algorithms fuse inertial sensor data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi readings and inferred map and building data to deliver reliable 3D location. Personnel wearing a small, NEON Tracking Unit and carrying an Android device can now be tracked and located in real-time and for after action review. 

Optional use of geo-referenced Ultra-wideband or Bluetooth beacons may be implemented for initialization of location and to enhance location precision. The location service is also available for integration in 3rd party solutions.   With the NEON Location Service API, partners and customers can develop custom applications that access and integrate the location and mapping data developed with the NEON Location Software. Read More