srt marine systemsThe SRT MULTI SENSOR VTS System provides a complete port and waterway monitoring and management solution, which will fit the requirements of any small or medium sized port. The SRT MULTI SENSOR VTS is modular and scalable and can start with a simple AIS-based monitoring system and as budgets allow and requirements evolve, so additional functionality such as radar, CCTV and voice recording can be added at any time. This ensures that you have a future-proof system. The SRT MULTI SENSOR VTS system provides accurate and reliable monitoring of all maritime traffic delivering significantly enhanced situational awareness.

As well as the ability to integrate data from multiple sensors such as AIS, Radar, CCTV and Communications, the system offers other functionality such as the filtering of targets using a wide range of criteria, proximity analysis and alerts, live weather streaming and much more. All data is displayed using the very latest GeoVS chart and live sensor data visualisation integration technology which creates a highly accurate real time digital display of your port and waterway in wide area 2D or Dynamic-3D delivering unmatched operator engagement and situational awareness. Read More