univ heidelbergWe would like to introduce you to a brand new API of OpenRouteService.org and a revamped route planner with many more features than before. With this major release we have removed XML and introduced a (much) longed for JSON support. You will notice some drastic optimisation in response times and you now have the advantage of using GET requests which makes your design of requests quite a way easier. We have increased the stability and scalability of the API to prevent tedious downtimes. Furthermore you now have the possibility to sign up for the API and receive your key - automatically to your inbox. In terms of features we have introduced a brand new isochrones endpoint which allows time or distance metrics and is even able to compute multiple locations at once. You will also be able to give our new hiking profile a buzz and even use reverse directions for isochrones which consider topography and special attributes of streets such as one way streets. Read More