visionrobotics 3dVRC is a commercial enterprise interested in deploying practical products. This begins with our robotic vision techniques to build intelligent robots, including the world's most advanced and accurate vision-based mapping, localization and navigation system. Our proprietary and patented technology has integrated well-known algorithms with the most recent developments from research laboratories around the world. Because the needs are different, the tasks and performance are application based. VRC has developed a broad base of technology applicable to a wide range of products, and has created a process that enables efficient implementation.Vision Robotics was formed in 1999 with the goal to develop autonomous robotic solutions that focused on vision-based mapping.

With strategic partners, the team began work in earnest on consumer applications that have enabled the company to create a uniquely robust and cost effective approach to robotics.  It entered the agricultural market in 2004 with a feasibility study for harvesting oranges.  While waiting for picking hand technology to catch up with the machine vision, the initial concept transformed into a deployable crop load estimation system for tree fruit.  VRC is also in development of an intelligent autonomous grapevine pruner. In 2011, VRC was approached by lettuce growers to develop a lettuce thinner. Using our large technology base, we developed a system in a few months. Our thinners are currently in production and have thinned tens of thousands of acres of lettuce. Read More