harvest auto 3dGreen  Valley  brought  in  a  fleet  of  HV-100s  in  July  of 2016  and  during  the  initialal  training  it  was  clear  the robots were going to be a great fit with their work-flow and operation. In addi>on to labor savings, the potenial for other benefits started to become clear.  One of these benefits  came  in  the  form  of  what  we  at  Harvest  call Efficient Hex.The  robots  are  capable  of  spacing  in  a  square  or  hex pattern. When  spacing  in  hex,  the  robot’s  pattern  is slightly different from the way people traditionally space  using a guide running across the bed (Manual Hex). You can  see  the  difference  in  the  illustration  below.  With Efficient Hex, the plants have the same amount of room to  grow  but  you  get  5  to  15%  more  product  on  the ground. Read More