astrobox printThe AstroBox Touch, a powerful cloud connected touchscreen for 3D Printing blazed through its original funding goal in just 3 hours after launching on Kickstarter. After the first 48 hours, the campaign has surpassed the original funding goal by over 500%. Drew Taylor, Co-Founder, and CEO of AstroPrint, explains: “Since our last Kickstarter, our users have 3D Printed over half a million hours on our platform - that's almost 60 years of 3D Printing! This campaign, for the AstroBox Touch, is the result of over 3+ years of direct feedback from this amazing community. We are really excited to play a part in simplifying 3D Printing for the masses.” The AstroBox Touch is a powerful touchscreen that provides it's user's unlimited opportunities to extend it's capabilities through AstroPrint's app marketplace. Read More