lockheed martin fusion mapHydra Fusion Tools is our answer to big data. Operation of an unmanned system is no longer a stand-alone activity. There are an assortment of maps, images,
 video and intelligence which are being broadcast to the operators and this needs to be fused into a common operational picture. Hydra Fusion Tools creates this picture, in an accurate, three dimensional world presentation, that can be fully manipulated by your finger tips. In situations with multiple unmanned systems Hydra Fusion Tools truly shines, showing all systems in a single homogeneous display, optimized for the user.

Hydra Fusion Tools stand out feature is its ability to simultaneously localize and map incoming imagery feeds from manned or unmanned systems. These images are geometrically stitched together into an immersive three dimensional world view, showcasing buildings, trees, vehicles, and terrain. Combined with 3D models, Hydra Fusion Tools creates a real-world model of any site be it a tactical situation, industrial plant, or farmer’s field. Hydra Fusion Tools turns big data in to actionable intelligence. Read More