arviyio 3d imagingArvizio, Inc., announces the introduction of MR Studio, an enterprise mixed reality (MR) software platform. MR Studio is a comprehensive mixed reality suite designed for the enterprise to meet the emerging needs of the AEC, engineering, healthcare, industrial and education markets. MR Studio provides cross platform 3D visualization, real-time collaboration and data integration for use with Microsoft HoloLens™, Windows Mixed Reality and Android based AR/MR devices.  Arvizio's MR Studio suite includes: Arvizio's proprietary ASPEN (Advanced Spatial Processing Engine) provides cross-platform visualization with automatic level of detail (LOD) processing for the complex 3D models often required for construction, engineering, CAD, LiDAR/GIS and medical imaging. This rich visualization capability, combined with secure real-time collaboration and flexible data integration with both existing and future IT systems, brings the mixed reality experience to a broad range of industries and use cases. Read More