visual tech pdfThe update supports end-users and developers working with 3D data in the fields of manufacturing, geospatial and mining, but also those who work with scanned data, drone images and creative design applications. "Our tools are designed to help anyone who regularly works with 3D, which is why they're popular in the manufacturing, engineering and science industries, but we're seeing a growing interest amongst creatives, designers, architects and professionals involved in 3D scanning and drone photography," explained Ian Curington, Managing Director at PDF3D.

PDF3D tools enable users to convert and compress large and complex 3D data (typically generated in niche applications), into the universally-used PDF format, without losing any image quality, making it easier to share and archive for better collaboration and document management. The company's latest update includes 3D PDF surface visual effects, which include realistic photo-textures on 3D surfaces from scanners, drones and creative design applications, with improvements to texture handling and visual quality. "Users and integrators will also find improvements to imported 3D model conversion, which cover imported models in diverse coordinate systems, complex geometric shape handling and new features for creating fully annotated 3D PDF scenes," added Ian. "With new training and tutorial demos, including MBD customisation options, an enhanced DWG coordinate system and more transparent conversion to match CAD views, we're also making sure our CAD users are still being looked after in the new update." Read More