techviz vrTechViz is demonstrating the strong and brand-new combination of the TechViz VR software package and Meta Augmented Reality headset for the first time. TechViz VR allows users to display instantly 3D models directly from native industrial or VR applications, without data conversion, on any types of 3D systems (Wall, CAVE, HMD).Meta 2 headset web visual. A leap in immersive VR technology, the association of TechViz VR software and the Meta 2 Augmented Reality headset allows users to visualize instantly the 3D application of their choice among more than 200, at a very high frame rate with high image quality and without data conversion. The headset wearers will be able to save cost and time and to benefit from a lightweight solution. They will visualize their 3D model anywhere. No need to have a dedicated office space for your technical and project reviews, you only need your data and your headset. Read More