3ds boeing desCAD data is becoming more and more the primary data used in manufacturing, enabling Model Based Engineering to become a reality in large and multi-site corporations and collaborative enterprises. Crucial to this type of process is the ability to share data between different parts of the organization and underlying that is the requirement to access the data regardless of what application generated it. Spatial understands the importance of high quality data translation, both the quality of the geometry and the associated data that is needed for implementing manufacturing processes. 3D InterOp provides access to the geometrical models inside CAD files, as well as the manufacturing and process data associated with the models. 3D InterOp is the only CAD translation product that uses libraries supplied by Dassault Systemes to read and write CATIA data. The input data is always read completely and the version support is always up to date with Dassault Systemes releases. For applications creating new models, 3D InterOp provides export functionality with writers to Industry standards as well as proprietary CAD formats. Read More