applied imagery terApplied Imagery is pleased to announce the release of Quick Terrain Modeler v8.0.7. The central themes for v8.0.7 are Imagery, Editing, Information, and Analysis. A video overview of the 8.0.7 functionality is available by clicking on the video below and a text overview follows. Version 8.0.7's introduction of Web Mapping Service (WMS) support ensures an unlimited, instantly accessible, and easy way to find and overlay imagery and maps onto 3D models (or display by itself) by tapping into network-based WMS imagery repositories - both public and private. QT Modeler users should never be without 2D imagery and maps again! Editing: QT Modeler's already powerful 3D editing tools are supplemented with a new DEM editing tool (Above Ground Level Flattening), easier point cloud editing from the Profile Analysis Tool, easy masking tools for editing points in the interior of a point cloud, and the ability to instantly apply many editing functions (cut, crop, flatten) to hundreds (or thousands!) of features in an imported SHP or other vector file - saving massive amounts of time. Read More