maxon cinema4We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of Cinema 4D R19. Get your hands on these exciting new features: Viewport Improvements Results so close to final render that client previews can be output using the new native mp4 video support.  MoGraph Enhancements An all-new Sound Effector and enhancements to Voronoi Fracturing expand on Cinema 4D’s state-of-the-art toolset for motion graphics.  New Spherical Camera Render stereoscopic 360° virtual reality videos and dome projections, for professional VR content.  New Polygon Reduction New generator reduces complex polygon scenes intelligently while preserving their appearance.  Level of Detail (LOD) Object – An intuitive interface element that makes it easy to define and manage LOD settings. Can also be exported via the FBX 3D.  AMD’s Radeon ProRender Seamlessly integrated into R19 providing artists a cross-platform, physically-based GPU rendering solution.  BodyPaint 3D OpenGL painting engine provides instant updates of color, reflectance, alpha, bump or normal, and even displacement. Read More