arvizio viewpointArvizio, Inc., today announced the introduction of MR Studio ViewPoint, the latest addition to their MR Studio™ enterprise mixed reality platform. ViewPoint allows 3D mixed reality experiences to be streamed in HD for both local and remote audiences, while also recording the experience. MR Studio ViewPoint utilizes a depth-sensing camera to capture the real world scene and participates in a sharing experience with HoloLens devices, enabling scenes featuring the HoloLens wearers and the 3D holographic objects they are viewing to be captured and streamed.  ViewPoint serves as a client device in the MR Studio sharing and collaboration architecture and fully supports the platform's LOD (Level of Detail) viewing capabilities. This allows complex 3D models to be viewed, annotated and shared with spectators watching on any viewing device. ViewPoint does not require a dedicated HoloLens device; it is only used during initial calibration, which significantly reduces the overall cost of the solution. Calibration is quick and easy and does not require the use of special calibration patterns. Read More