paradigm 3dThe launch will introduce users to Paradigm’s new Production Management solution, providing unprecedented speed and a holistic view of physical and virtual measurements built on reservoir physics-based predictive analytics. Additional demonstrations of the new solution will be held throughout the show, together with presentations of SKUA-GOCAD (Data Aggregation for Predictive Modeling and Advances in 3D Gridding Technology) and Geolog 8 (Production Log Analysis).

Paradigm and Dassault Systèmes will jointly present a paper in the SPE Technical Program, “Optimized Grids for Accurately Representing Geology in Geomechanical Simulations”. Details regarding the booth presentations and technical paper are available on the Paradigm SPE event page. “It is fitting that we’ve chosen this year’s SPE conference as the forum for introducing our new Production Management solution to the Petroleum Engineering industry,” said Indy Chakrabarti, senior vice president of Product Management & Strategy. “Visitors to the show will be the first to see our Cloud-based, collaborative toolbox for Production and Reservoir Engineering. Of course, we will also be showing enhancements to our tried-and-true reservoir characterization and engineering solutions, aimed at providing our users with enhanced efficiency, lower costs, and more control over risks.” Read More