Matterport is one of the launch partners to work with Google in rolling out a WebVR experience which has been released with Chrome 56 as an origin trial. “At Matterport, we want to make it very easy for our customers to create VR content, for our partners to distribute this VR content and for users to consume VR content,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “WebVR support helps to make VR simple, immediate and accessible.” 

With WebVR, users no longer need to download any apps to move from a web experience to a VR experience. For those with a Daydream-ready phone, experiencing VR means they simply tap the VR icon in a Matterport 3D Showcase in their Chrome browser, slip their phone into a Daydream View, and start exploring. “WebVR makes discovering virtual reality experiences as easy as clicking a link,” said Megan Lindsay, Google Product Manager for WebVR. “Matterport’s WebVR integration lets Daydream users with Chrome explore places all over the world from anywhere.” Read More