immersacad 3dImmersaCAD, a virtual reality startup headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., introduces vCAD, an intuitive, view-sharing CAD conversion system designed to seamlessly transfer CAD files to freely navigate inside virtual reality on mobile devices. Specially created for architects, designers, engineers and other 3D Modelers, vCAD features a patent-pending One-Touch Navigation® that works to eliminate motion sickness usually felt by virtual reality users.

“The vCAD virtual reality system provides a completely untethered, mobile, 3D virtual reality navigation experience, unlike anything else currently available to support CAD visualization,” said Jon Huber, chief technical officer for ImmersaCAD. “vCAD is a remarkable virtual reality product that serves the unique role of increasing collaboration between teams of creatives within the same office and those situated in completely different parts of the world.” Ranging from $10-$50 per month, vCAD is offered at accessible price points that help large or small, students or established professionals collaborate with CAD project immersion in virtual reality. Read More