GE Power’s design methodology typically involves multiple teams, each working on different components of a power plant, commented Sebastian.  “Discovering that some of the components didn’t quite fit together during construction is expensive.  Resolving this through re-design was expected and it is this part of the process that we have managed to eradicate, thanks to VR technology.  Our design engineers are now fixing errors before construction, when costs are insignificant, and they are also able to think ahead about issues like servicing and maintenance.”

As GE Power’s design reviews involve an average of 8-10 engineers, it was apparent that the ActiveWall, the most ubiquitous of Virtalis’ 3D/VR display systems, provided the best working environment for team working.  ActiveWall draws on active stereo technology and features a custom screen, specialist computer, Virtalis custom software and powerful projectors.  GE Power has a blended four projector ActiveWall with a 6m x 2.4m screen, plus an ART tracking system. Read More