Elysium announces a major version-up, InfiPoints Ver.4.0, focusing on the overhaul of user interface for better user experience, and the first availability of “InfiPoints for Oculus” for Oculus Rift, a HMD (Head Mounted Display) by Oculus, for pilot users for their evaluation purposes. Since the first availability back in July 2013, InfiPoints has been deployed in various fields; from manufacturing to construction / civil engineering, and the use case has been expanded to include 1) virtual simulation to study equipment carry-in/out plan, 2) working drawing creation for replacement or expansion of piping systems by semi-automatic modeling from point clouds, 3) data sharing to gain a good picture of construction plan, and align the recognition among project members.

Following the technological development, as well as the price drop, of laser scanning devices and software to handle obtained point cloud data, point cloud utilization in engineering continues to expand, and is moving on to the next phase—production use involving those who are beginners in 3D scanning, or computer learners. To contribute to this growing trend, Elysium is intensively working to accomplish more intuitive interaction and handling of point cloud data. With Ver.4.0, we focused on improving the user experience by overhaul of user interface—exposed commands in the set of workflow stages. “InfiPoints has matured reflecting industry demands and feedbacks from pioneers to have about 200 commands to facilitate all your needs for point cloud utilization. We believe that this will remove the hurdle to learn a new application, and lead to accelerate the point cloud utilization,” states Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of Global Business at Elysium. Another key addition in progress is “InfiPoints for Oculus” for collaboration with VR (Virtual Reality). Wearing a HMD such as Oculus Rift, we instantly get immersed into virtual reality. As well as home uses such as computer games, it is today introduced to manufacturing industry, e.g., to check the designed products or buildings in CAD data. With InfiPoints for Oculus, you can easily replicate the real world in virtual reality using the 3D scanned data processed in InfiPoints, instead of creating the entire world from the scratch. This allows you to explore within replicated real world, saving time and cost to visit the actual site which can be hundreds kilometers away. Furthermore, visualizing in the VR gives us surprisingly better picture and discovery compared to viewing the same data on monitors, or traditional methods using 2D drawings. “I am pleased to announce our entry to VR industry, the next-generation technology to change our mindset,” states Atusto Soma, CTO of Elysium. “We strive to contribute to advance the industry leveraging the firm relationship with industry leaders, our best-in-class technology, and our pioneer spirit.” Read More