Over 100 people gathered at Western Digital in Milpitas to discuss their work with HD maps and GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Our team exhibited at the event, which focused on mapping/navigation technology needed for autonomous driving and presented for the Rapid Fire Pitch session. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat and/or watch our live demo videos! Jeff Frick, a host of SiliconANGLE’s live interview show, took notice of what Civil Maps is accomplishing and invited Sravan Puttagunta, our CEO/co-founder, for a 1:1 recorded discussion. In the video below, Sravan shares what we are doing and what makes us different. In particular, he discusses the “Cognition Layer” — where Civil Maps’ embedded software sits in the self-driving technology stack. Leading the discussion, Sravan talks about how our software provides cognition to the vehicle, enabling it to ingest, analyze, and utilize large amounts of various sensor data to understand the world while making decisions with higher confidence. Read More