AFanta, Inc. (AFanta), the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) company to reconstruct and reenact photo-realistic 3D face model on mobile devices in real time, today launched the beta version of its first mobile app, iFacePlay.  AFanta's pioneering technology combines deep learning, computer vision and computer graphics, enabling the users to create their own 3D face models from a single monocular image within milliseconds.

In the beta version of iFacePlay, users can create their own 3D face model out of one photo, as well as implant their distinctive facial expressions onto another person's 3D face model. "By separating the face movements and facial expressions from face identity and making them transferrable, iFacePlay encourages users to explore a completely different entertainment form," said Yang Qin, PhD, CEO and co-founder of AFanta.

"The cutting-edge technology we've been developing at AFanta is a much less costly way to bring real human faces (instead of Avatars) into AR/VR scenes as well as to better accommodate user needs in photo and video editing apps."

AFanta's technology can be widely used in video-related fields such as television, filmmaking and advertisements, where 3D model production is often constrained with recurring high costs and operational inefficiencies. "Our technology is a big step forward from key-points detection based 2D face tracking technology that's dominating the market today," said Qin. Read More