For police officers, firefighters, and other first responders, having access to real-time video surveillance and incident data presents huge potential for creating safer and smarter cities. One city already using real-time video technology to improve public safety and situational awareness is Newport News, Virginia. With the state’s fourth-largest municipal police department, Newport News is home to 180,000 citizens, a major naval shipyard, a joint army and air force base, and the College of William and Mary. Newport News is a city with public safety needs and scenarios as diverse as the communities that inhabit it. After experiencing a significant rise in crimes rates in its southern precinct, Newport News officials deployed video surveillance cameras across the city. Although crime rates dropped, operators at the city’s public-safety answering point found monitoring numerous video feeds cumbersome and inefficient. They also found it difficult to efficiently dispatch police, fire, and emergency medical services based on events monitored on live video feeds. Read More