ODG (Osterhout Design Group) manufacturer of smartglasses and augmented, virtual and mixedreality technologies,announced the unveilingof R-8 and R-9, two innovative and disruptive new devicesthat willexpand the portfolio and begin to bridge commercial and consumer markets.ODGwill also bring to life its visionfor AR-enabled mobile entertainment and computingin partnership with major brands including ODG investor and strategic partner 21st Century Fox, Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company OTOY andPTC, Inc.,provider of Vuforia.

“ODG is keepingup a rapid pace of innovation, taking lessons learned over many decades building smartglasses and using them to develop and refine our technology to produce glasses that are optimized for many users –including heavy and light enterprise, professionals and consumers,” said Ralph Osterhout, Founder and CEO of ODG.  “ODG is pioneering glasses for the masses that play movies with cinematic clarity, dropyou inside immersive 3D interactive experiences, and revealnew worlds of invention and productivity.  This is so much bigger than just a device, it’s about a whole new computing medium that will transform how we interact with and discover information and engage with people and objects in the world around us.” Read More