hololens.3d.cambA collaboration between Trimble, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge has developed news ways, using the HoloLens Virtual Reality (VR) headset, to leverage the digital world. The new technology enables architecture and engineering professionals "to extend the value and investment they have made in 3D modelling". The first is Automated Progress Monitoring, who answers the demand to regularly, and manually, inspect remote structures. The trial means inspectors can use HoloLens to "to check, cross-reference and report on inspections very quickly, and collaborate with site representatives". The second is Automated Bridge Damage Detection, which involves images being taken of the bridge in question, rather than sending someone to the site. The images are then automatically mapped on to 3D models of the respective bridge and the integrity of the bridge is then reviewed using HoloLens, with repairs and recommendations made following this process. Read More