Digital Projection – pioneering manufacturer of digital imaging solutions and leader in the field of solid state laser projection – has announced that through partnership with industry-leading software provider, VIOSO, a co-branded blending and warping solution with exclusive features is now available with the purchase of any projector in the Digital Projection range. The software, named VIOSO Anyblend, will enable greater flexibility for system integrators using projectors from the Digital Projection range. Vioso Anyblend will ensure a quick and easy set up as well as a one-stop-shop for all automated blending needs.
VIOSO is a leader in the provision of intelligent software solutions for projector warping and blending and projection mapping onto any surface. Borne of an intense university research project ten years ago, the company has exceeded its initial technology in the field of 3D-mapping, dome projection and industrial applications. VIOSO founder and CEO, Benjamin Fritsch, explains, “Today the AV market is seeking solutions and not just products. So, it was a natural process to join forces with Digital Projection, to find a unique and value software proposition for their customers. Digital Projection is always looking for cutting edge technology and their 4K laser approach is currently unrivalled. The combination of VIOSO Anyblend and HIGHlite laser in particular is quite simply awesome.” Read More