Working with OSIsoft LLC and Microsoft, Finger Food has created an innovative holographic application for top US craft brewery, Deschutes. With HoloBridge, Finger Food brought Deschutes' data to a new level of understanding. Drawing on Finger Food's strengths in game design and development, user interaction and collaboration, the company created a way for Deschutes to not just see, but interact with their data at scale. Finger Food's Mixed Reality (MR) application features life-size holographic brewery equipment with live streaming data, offering context and insights from the PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cortana Intelligence ready to be viewed and analyzed. The application uses a combined integration of OSIsoft's PI System and Cortana Intelligence, which Finger Food then combined with holographic technology. The result is a framework for visualizing actionable real-time IoT driven data. Now, Deschutes can easily visualize and interact with contextually and spatially appropriate information to eliminate production time losses and increase productivity. Read More