The new digital guide, Mariners' Routeing Guide Baltic Sea, will make it easier and safer to navigate the Baltic Sea. In marine areas with complex route systems, including systems for monitoring and guidance of maritime traffic and ship reporting systems, it may be difficult for navigators, shipping companies and others to manage all the requirements and recommendations that apply to ship navigation.  In order to facilitate the ships’ route planning, the countries around the Baltic Sea agreed to publish a special, English-language route guide called Mariners' Routeing Guide Baltic Sea. The Danish Geodata Agency has now digitized and published the guide. "I am delighted that the Danish Geodata Agency has taken another important step towards digitizing maritime data for shipping. The Baltic Sea has high levels of shipping activity and complex route systems, where easy access to updated nautical information is crucial for navigational safety, says Lars Chr. Lilleholt, Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate. Read More